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What handicraft has to do with mindfulness

Recently I had the chance and the pleasure to again present my ‘Multiple Selves?!’ talk on growing your leadership abilities twice: at The Architechture Gathering in Munich and at Agile Tour London. There I also talked about mindfulness as well as mindful practises. Be it in talks or workshops, I always try to make it […]

Explorative running

On all the stuff running can do for you(r life) Since a couple of weeks I am doing endurance running again. And I am doing it in quite a disciplined way. This endurance thingy helps with the black dog – who on the one hand wants me to believe by all means that he doesn’t […]

Depression? (Are you kiddin’) Me?!

On finally taking myself seriously A bit of history It has been more than 10 years since I had the first real-life contact with depression. Back then it was not about me – of course not! At that time one of my best friends attempted s*icide for the first time. Theoretically I knew about depression […]

Sustainable Pace & Vulnerability – for real!

How getting towed triggered personal insights… Today my car got towed. Unexpectedly (honestly!). After a long workshop day. And I found myself pushed to the limit. Within seconds. Somewhere torn between anger, sadness and several other emotions. Almost crying. Seriously?? For being towed??? After I pulled myself together, I phoned around, found my car, got […]

Zwangspause – Augenauszeit – Was macht ein “Softwerker” dann?

Manche haben sich schon gewundert, warum gerade hier nichts passiert. Das ist der Grund (oder besser: das Equipment zur Bekämpfung des Grundes) Nein, es ist kein Anti-Erkältungsequipment. Es handelt sich um einen Tipp des Augenarztes um das amoklaufendes Auge in den Griff zu bekommen.Bis das wieder gut ist, ist hier leider Sendepause. Genauso wie beim […]