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Intervision – What is it and how does it work?

Case-based coaching and reflection among agile colleagues This year in October I was fortunate to be part of the Coach Reflection Day (CoRe Day) in Karlsruhe. It was a day filled with impressions, new ideas, shared experiences and great input. I’d like to share one of these impulses with you. This blogpost is an english […]

Intervision – Was ist das und wie macht man das?

Fallberatung und Reflexion unter agilen Kollegen Anfang Oktober durfte ich am Coach Reflection Day (CoRe Day) in Karlsruhe teilnehmen. Ich nahm ein ganzes Bündel voll toller Ideen und wertvoller Impulse mit. Den ersten davon möchte ich heute im Rahmen dieses Blogartikels teilen – und ich werde ihn auch als Impuls zum nächsten Treffen des Agile […]

(Daily) retroflection – Looking back regularly as a self-improvement tool

At the Coach Reflection Day 2016 in Fürth, Martin searched two hand full of volunteers to try a month-long experiment with Retroflection Cards together. Short experiment description Everyone took home 30 small cards with questions on working in an agile environment. These cards are called retroflection cards; you can find more information about them on […]

All about Rubber at Coach Reflection Day – Part 2

A duck as a coach? Now, this is my second story from Coach Reflection Day 2016 in Fürth. Also about rubber. About ducks. To be even more precise: it’s on rubber ducks for self coaching. The #RubberDuckCoaching session which made me write this post was held by Udo Wiegärtner. Rubber duck coaching itself is inspired […]

All about Rubber at Coach Reflection Day – Part 1

Coaching Bracelets At the Coach Reflection Day on 1st of July in Fürth, we found colorful bracelets (like the ones you may know from Clean Code Developer) as a surprise from Martin and Fabian on our chairs in the morning. In the afternoon, Martin did a session on the “Coach Reflection Bracelets”: how to code […]