Journaling for the business – and beyond

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That task “make an entry page for all-things-journaling” has been sleeping long enough on my personal backlog-ish list. Now after my first remote talk on more than a decade journaling experience at Agile Monday Nueremberg (#AMNUE) I do a crazy thing: I JUST START that page NOW.

Expect frequent changes to happen here. Some topics might even evolve into separate articles or pages. As always, I love to hear your feedback, requests and thoughts, so contact me over one of the channels you find on my business page

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Within those tags I already shared a bunch of thoughts and experiences about journaling. Also there are some pitfalls I dealt with successfully good enough during my journaling journey.

On the different journaling variants

I created a new separate article with an overview of different methods for written self-reflection.

It aims to help you choose a (new) journaling book or decide to try out a different style – because different situations in life, different contexts and different experiences require different, individual approaches.

Read it:

Possible Journals to start with…

Type ‘Guided free-style’

Type ‘Semi-structured’

SOME impulses for ‘freestyle journaling’

You want MORE on journaling?

Here’s a (German) podcast…

Earlier in 2020 I had the pleasure to be a guest in Marc Loeffler’s Passionate Teams Podcast. Unfortunately for non-German speakers, it is in German language. And you can tune in here: