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Why juggling improves my health

💡🧠 It took me ages to retry juggling. Now I enjoy the practise which is perfect also for breaks in remotework times. Juggling & Mindfulness?! Did you know that juggling also an informal way to practise mindfulness? ☯️ Your mind is in the very here & now. This activates other brain parts than usual office […]

How to tame that (inner) moaner

💥 Honestly, how often do most of us complain in business? Be it aloud or silently. Both blocks our full capacity to lead or be creative. Life provides us with plenty of occasion to practise #mindfulness, self-efficacy and with that training our brain’s leadership capacities. 🧠 Not convinced yet? Here’s a personal example: I used […]

Mindful Check-in Inspiration

At #AgileScaleCamp on last Friday I offered a session on your personal (little) gems when it comes to remote working. Several people pointed out the importance of a check-in (of course on invitation, not the “forced” ones) in meetings – especially if you (still) have them back-to-back. We were also discussing mindfulness practises for that, […]