How to tame that (inner) moaner

💥 Honestly, how often do most of us complain in business? Be it aloud or silently. Both blocks our full capacity to lead or be creative.

Life provides us with plenty of occasion to practise #mindfulness, self-efficacy and with that training our brain’s leadership capacities. 🧠

Not convinced yet?

Here’s a personal example: I used to complain about the constant fog here at Lake Constance. A lot! Reflective journaling helped me to see what I feel apprecitation for:

  • 🌥️ I do appreciate sunlight even more in winter times
  • 💙 I love that special feeling when all the cool little water drops in the air tickle the skin on my face

Doing that inner work

Life offers plenty free, small AND psychologically safe training-wheels to shape your business skills. 🙌 The only art is to:

  • be aware of them
  • spend your willpower on taking them

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