About this blog

Hi, my name is Cosima. I work as an Agile Software Engineer & People Coach. I have an academic background in Computer Science, Psychology and Coaching.

Besides that I am an eternal student of life, I care about sustainability, I enjoy sharing and meaningful networking at (un)conferences and I love running.

This is my blog in progress…

My blog acronym L.I.S.T.E.N. outlines my blog’s mission and stands for:



Share & care




I mostly blog in English to spread the information as wide as possible (and also to improve myself in writing English :)). Sometimes I will also use my native language German. So don’t be confused about that. If you feel you really want some of my German stuff to be translated, just let me know.

10/2018: The initial grav-based version of my blog moved to http://oldblog.cosima-laube.de/ (most of the content already moved - except older posts from 09/2016-07/2016 and all comments)
07/2016: started with a "manual" installation of grav under URL https://blog.cosima-laube.de/