New technical platform for this blog

As I aimed in my post on Stop starting, start finishing in September, I finally changed the technical platform for my blog. Hooray!

I’ve been quite hesitant to use a full-blown Content Management System over the lightweight solution I had before. “Why is that?” I asked myself and I mainly found reasons which I only heard of quite a while ago. So I wrote down the advantages and did some research on the potential drawbacks. And here I am: a proud WordPress user and avid learner!

The idea behind is to be able to use it quite professionally and maybe also offer it professionally for other people and organisations (again… as I already webmastered for a NGO quite a while ago :)).

The Why of my blog hasn’t changes much, especially my blog mission remained the same. I decided to use the categories L.I.S.T.E.N. more deliberately in the future (you also find them in the sidebar)… and maybe also shape them further (which goes hand in hand with “aim for shorter articles around one topic”.

Let me know what you think, what you like to see improved and… what else is on your mind! I love to get new comments (because btw: that’s what I didn’t manage to migrate so far).