Why juggling improves my health

💡🧠 It took me ages to retry juggling. Now I enjoy the practise which is perfect also for breaks in remotework times.

Juggling & Mindfulness?!

Did you know that juggling also an informal way to practise mindfulness?

☯️ Your mind is in the very here & now.

This activates other brain parts than usual office workers need. This can improve our (mental) health in various ways.

☯️ You can practise curiosity and the non-(self)judging stance.

This is important for truly listening to your people and team members.

☯️ You can grow your capacity for acceptance.

This is e.g. important to see “failures” as learning steps.
We all know that “fail” stands for F(irst) A(ttempts) I(n) L(earning), don’t we? 😉

What about you?

What are YOUR experiences with “unusual” mindful practises?

I’m curious to learn from you.