moss and brown autumn leaves being a metaphor for resilience and that there is always more than just one perspective

Three breaths at work

At #AgileScaleCamp on last Friday I offered a session on your personal (little) gems when it comes to remote working. One of those gems was doing Three Breaths at work!

The importance of check-ins

Several people at #AgileScaleCamp pointed out the importance of a check-in in meetings. Of course I mean a check-in on invitation base, not the “forced” ones (we sadly still see too often out there in the wild). A check-in is even more important in remote meetings, especially if you (still) have them back-to-back.

Mindful check-in inspirations

We were also discussing mindfulness practises for that, e.g. the Mindful Moment – and I added the Three Breaths at work to the mix.

Three Breaths at work

People at Agile Scale Camp asked me to share how exactly the Three Breaths exercise works. So I rediscovered this video from #AgileTourLondon 2018:

There I explain the Three Breaths mindfulness practise in ~2 mins. Explanation and how I facilitate and use it starts from min 33.

What about you?

I am very curious about YOUR (mindful) check-in experiences!