All about Rubber at Coach Reflection Day – Part 2

A duck as a coach?

Now, this is my second story from Coach Reflection Day 2016 in Fürth. Also about rubber. About ducks. To be even more precise: it’s on rubber ducks for self coaching.

The #RubberDuckCoaching session which made me write this post was held by Udo Wiegärtner. Rubber duck coaching itself is inspired by rubber duck debugging, which the IT folks out there may probably now.

So roughly the rubber duck procedure is about:

  • putting thoughts into words
  • speaking aloud (which clarifies your thoughts once again)
  • changing perspective on your topic or problem

With these small steps you are more than likely to revitalize your very own thoughts… which in turn could lead to new ideas or solutions you may not have thought before!

What’s next?

Let’s see how this will help on working with the ‘gremlin voices’ from my first #CoReDay post. Stay tuned!