Journaling practise struggles

Recently I’ve been struggling with my journaling routine, especially with the gratitude practise (which itself is a big contributor for a decent mental health).

After noticing that, I leveraged two resources I already have:

  1. Having peers
  2. An established habit

Both helped me to get through this practise struggles.

Peers & community

Firstly, this struggle showed me again that having peers who provide inspiration is a key thing. Folks who supported me in resparking that “gratitude mojo” (just) by sharing their own journeys e.g. on Twitter or via other online media.

A strong community providing for direct human connection and exchange is especially valuable in tough times or remotework-only settings. I’m very grateful to have people around being on this lifelong learning journey.


Second I noticed again, how huge the resource of “having my journaling habit” is. Having trained my neurons in my brain so that I can RECALL how useful regular, structured written reflection is. This fact supported me in recalibrating my practise so that it doesn’t suck more of that precious willpower resource. Guess I can also be grateful for past-me laying the foundations when I build this habit a couple of years ago. 🙂

Read more about how to build a (journaling) habit in ‘How to make the (journaling) habit stick.’.

Do YOU have a gratitude habit or other healthy (journaling) habits in place?
I’m curious to hear from you!

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