The Chocolate Bar

Did you ever buy yourself a chocolate bar and eat it?

And did you smell the delicious chocolate before the first bit?
Did you taste those many delicious nuances of cocoa on your tongue?
Did you perceive how each piece of it is melting in your mouth?
Did you maybe notice traces of cocoa butter visible onto the bar?

And did you wonder what was necessary to produce the chocolate bar?
Did you see the people growing the cocoa beans?
Did you imagine all the people who where involved in the harvesting work?
Did you think about the transport of the beans from A to B?
And what about growing, harvesting and transporting the cane sugar?

And did you wonder what machines were necessary to transform cocoa and sugar into delicious chocolate?
Did you imagine the engineers thinking hard about the production process?
Did you see the construction workers crafting all the machinery?
Did you think about all the production workers in the chocolate company?

And what about the people transporting the chocolate bar to the place where you bought it?
What about the person who put that bar into the shelf so you can see it?
What about the person on the checkout smiling at you while you gave them money in exchange for this chocolate bar?

And what about that person earning the money which was needed to buy that chocolate bar?

What about you?
What about all those humans?
What about all beings?
– involved in and affected by an “everyday” product… like a simple chocolate bar.