Critical Mass

On agile values coming to life – yes, life, for real!

Imagine someone having a clear vision – a vision no smaller than saving the planet. Then they call for action to gather with bicycles on a cold, it-could-rain-again-anytime day. And people follow that call!

I witnessed exactly this last week while attending a Critical Mass gathering.
The purpose of that gathering was creating awareness to use bikes or public transport over (oild-fashioned) cars in city-centres by forming a swarm of minimum 16 bikes that has to behave like a car (according to German traffic rules).

I was amazed how the leaders of the movement were open to warmly welcome new participants.

I was amazed how focussed the experienced swarm-cyclists onboarded new participants so that all were comfortable with the rules of cycling in a swarm and knew the intended route.

I was amazed how courageous leaders of the movement and other experienced swarm-cyclists made sure throughout the whole hour-long ride through the city and on highly frequented streets that all beings in the swarm stay safe. They did so by e.g. blocking car queues on just-turned-red traffic lights so that all remaining members of a swarm could pass a crossroads.

I was amazed how respectful every member of the swarm behaved towards others, no matter which age, what look, what skin color or whatever else. I was amazed how respectful the whole swarm was with other sustainable public means of transport One example was that coaches were explicitely admitted to pass anytime and the whole swarm would pause to make that happen.

Everyone was committed to the purpose. Many people showed up despite the cold, it-could-rain-again-anytime twilight of a Friday’s after-work hours. 

It was just AMAZING!

Thank you Critical Mass people for giving me back belief in humanity.

Together we will change the world. One ride, one action at a time!