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My application for Play4Agile 2017 unconference

On getting creative with a ‘playpplication’ The Agile Tribe is ‘calling’… Ok, today is the day where I have to admit: I finally got fully infected with the agile community virus at Agile Coach Camp 2016 in R├╝ckersbach. ­čÖé Equipped with some additional energy I received this week from two wonderful ladies who I met […]

Pro-Action Caf├ę

Art of Hosting – a full evening long] (picture credits: Frits Ahlefeldt, license: CC BY-NC-ND) Yesterday I attended an evening full of meaningful conversations at Bregenzer Salon in – you guess it – Bregenz (Lake of Constance). The evening was based on methods and elements from the Art of Hosting and the main part was […]

Intervision – Was ist das und wie macht man das?

Fallberatung und Reflexion unter agilen Kollegen Anfang Oktober durfte ich am Coach Reflection Day (CoRe Day) in Karlsruhe teilnehmen. Ich nahm ein ganzes B├╝ndel voll toller Ideen und wertvoller Impulse mit. Den ersten davon m├Âchte ich heute im Rahmen dieses Blogartikels teilen – und ich werde ihn auch als Impuls zum n├Ąchsten Treffen des Agile […]

Unterscheide, ohne zu trennen.

Mein Beitrag zur Blogparade zum PM Camp Dornbirn 2016 PM Camp? Erstes Mal! Blogparade? Noch nie gemacht! Und doch: ich bin dabei. Freue mich darauf. Aufs PM Camp Dornbirn… und hier kommt nun mein Beitrag, meine Gedanken zum Thema Unterscheide ohne zu trennen. Als ich diesen Satz im August das erste Mal im Blogbeitrag von […]

Workshop on Sustainable Retrospectives @ AgileTable Friedrichshafen

In my post on the first Agile Table Friedrichshafen I was just writing about Daniel Hommel‘s offer to visit us. Now for our second Agile Table meeting mid of September, he already visited us which made me very glad & thankful that he travelled that far to support us. From the beginning… Seven people from […]

Zwischenmenschliches Debugging – Kommunikations├╝berwachung mal anders

Die aktuellen Slides zu meinem Talk am Herbstcampus 2016 in N├╝rnberg sind hier zu finden. In unregelm├Ą├čigen Abst├Ąnden werde ich zu diesem Themenkomplex hier auf dem Blog weitere Impulse und Erfahrungen teilen. R├╝ckmeldungen & Erfahrungen sind sehr erw├╝nscht – per Mail, Kommentarfunktion oder Twitter.

Software Craftsmanship – Craftsman Swaps & Agile?

Auf den Begriff Craftsman Swap bin ich das erste Mal durch Nicole Rauch aufmerksam geworden, die ich auf dem MATHEMA Campus 2015 in Erlangen kennenlernte. Urspr├╝nglich kommt der Begriff aus der Welt des Software Craftsmanship wo es vor allem um Professionalisierung unseres Berufsstandes geht; dazu geh├Ârt unter anderem auch professioneller Austausch der “Handwerker” untereinander sowie […]

(Daily) retroflection – Looking back regularly as a self-improvement tool

At the Coach Reflection Day 2016 in F├╝rth, Martin searched two hand full of volunteers to try a month-long experiment with Retroflection Cards together. Short experiment description Everyone took home 30 small cards with questions on working in an agile environment. These cards are called retroflection cards; you can find more information about them on […]

I proudly present: the very first ScrumTisch & AgileTable Friedrichshafen

Community is what grows a strong tribe The first seeds… Shortly before getting to know the awesome agile community at Agile Coach Camp DE #accde16 I already felt full of energy and motivation to start connecting with the community. So I started locally, took one day off and attended the next Agile Breakfast on the […]

All about Rubber at Coach Reflection Day – Part 2

A duck as a coach? Now, this is my second story from Coach Reflection Day 2016 in F├╝rth. Also about rubber. About ducks. To be even more precise: it’s on rubber ducks for self coaching. The #RubberDuckCoaching session which made me write this post was held by Udo Wieg├Ąrtner. Rubber duck coaching itself is inspired […]