Playing Lego @ AgileTable Friedrichshafen

A workshop on the Cynefin framework

Since our first meeting in July 2016 and the workshop on sustainable retrospectives facilitated by Daniel Hommel in September 2016 some time has gone by. In the meantime we had a networking evening at a pizza restaurant and one Lean Coffee together with collecting ideas for 2017.

Our Agile year 2017 started end of January with another workshop; this time facilitated by Bernhard Leyrer. The main topic of the evening was the Cynefin framework which helps to get a glimpse of some core concepts ‘behind’ agile, especially when it comes to classify a problem into the complicated or complex domain. It is a nice starter for those people being fairly new to Scrum & Agile and also a good occasion to get even more insights for those already having some Agile work experience.

Bernhard brought a big box of Lego and made us almost 12 people play the Cynefin Lego Game. We had great fun while learning and building brick by brick. One group made it even to build a cool vehicle. 🙂

Here are some more resources on Cynefin: