On purposeful jewellery and living as an Agile Coach

A while ago I accidentally stumbled across the Eckhard-Busch-Stiftung by which is a German charity organisation aiming to support people impacted by mental health in different ways: through supporting research, families & friends and to make it okay to talk about mental health in our society.

Green Loops to support creating mental health awareness

People with mental illnesses and in mental crisis’ are still way too often stigmatized in our society. Still it is not accepted equally if you see a psychotherapist like it is accepted that you go see your doctor when you have the flu or a broken leg.

A flu or a broken leg have two things in common:

  1. they’re externally visible or have measurable/tangible symptoms
  2. there’s a quite clear treatment plan

Mental health (compared to physical health) is more intangible, it is harder to diagnose and it requires (way) more patience when it’s broken.

There I see parallels to my work as an Agile Coach: the “people, team and organisational parts” of my work are often also quite intangible, they’re harder to express with “hard numbers” (than e.g. cash flow is) and they require patience to develop, to change and to flourish.

So what do Agile Coaches do to deal with intangible work and the required ‘heaploads’ of patience for change management and organizational development work? They create awareness e.g. by educating and by connecting with people. They foster visibility for those topics, they sow seeds, they work with leaders.

In my own life, I am the leader! And my purpose is to make the world a better place… one step at a time. With the new green loop for my handbags and scarfs I am exactly doing this: I am creating awareness for a bigger topic! I am doing this e.g. by:

  • connecting with people asking what that green loop is about
  • fostering visibility for mental health
  • sowing seeds e.g. by blogging about it 😉
  • (hopefully) inspiring YOU as a reader as the leader of your life

Sidenote: For this article I made the experiment of “timeboxed writing” and then deploying a good-enough-to-ship-version. Let me know what you think about this article, about my thoughts or anything else that matters to you.

Take care,