3 things I learned at Agile Scale Camp 2020 Online

Nr. 1: On perfectionism

Tweet with that “unperfect” Sketchnote

Agile Scale Camp Online had an awesome and intense morning impulse session with Dave Snowden. I knew Dave’s session are always so rich for me, so making notes was set. I also tried to sketchnote, of course. Yet I found it hard to follow each and every detail – the session was rich and densely packed with information.

After we had a spontaneous BarCamp session right after Dave’s impulse and I saw that others struggled with the richness of the contents as well, I decided to share my “totally imperfect” sketchnote. (hello inner judge!)

The resonance was great and I was touched how helpful my “scribbles” were to others. Here’s the high-res sketchnote if you fancy having details.

better shared than perfect.

The first lesson of the day

Nr. 2: On breaks (in remote settings)

Tweet from the lunchbreak

The organiser team of #ascmuc came up with a couple of lovely ideas besides a “usual online barcamp”. Amongst those there was the option of joining a speed “dating” event over lunch time.

As much as I WANTED to join (because I love meeting new people and connecting with folks) at least as much I NEEDED a screen-break. Period.

Without that get-some-sunlight break with a bit of movement I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to truly engage in meaningful conversations in the afternoon.

making breaks as YOU need them is essential – for online work even more so than in offline settings.

The second lesson of the day

Nr. 3: On the little things…

Throughout the day I noticed several things that contributed to making the event special. No chance to list them all, yet I want to share with you these “little things” that contributed to great facilitation and connection:

Here’s another small thing that contributed to learning and awesome facilitation.
  • On the Miro collaboration board there was an area for doing an asynchronously written check-in by writing your name, answering a couple of icebreaker questions and sharing some information about yourself.
  • People from the organiser team used remote facilitation cards. For me this was inspirational (even though I know those cards) and it also showed a sense of team-belonging.
    Here are two types of remote facilitation cards I am aware of:
  • I witnessed several people being truly open about challenges (e.g. when a computer stopped performing reasonably) or when they tried new tools and things. Especially for remote working tools you need other people to try and learn, so to me this was true role-model behaviour as it add to “making it okay” for others out there to “try things out together”.

all those small things,
they matter a lot!

Lesson nr. 3 of the day


In case you missed it, I wrote about my own Agile Scale Camp session already a couple of days ago in a different article: https://notebook.cosima-laube.de/blog/mindful-check-in-inspiration/

Now it’s your turn… 🙂

What were YOUR most recent learnings at a barcamp or other online event that YOU want to share?