Keeping positive moments… and starting “stories for life”

Lately I had a couple of days in a row where several people gave me really nice feedback on various domains of my work & life. I felt I had to “serialize” them somehow so that I can load them into my RAM [1] again once I will face tough times.

Thought it.

Done it.

Now I have several small cards (like kudo cards or appreciation cards) each with the feedback or the positive situation handwritten on it. I also added the person and the date/situation where it happened so I can “upload” it better into my working memory once I feel the need for it.

After starting that, I thought about the “geek” part in me… or at least the IT-related (or should I say: spoiled) part and came up with a short user story to keep it better in mind, what I do and why I do it [2]:

As a human being
I want to keep positive moments in a tangible way
so they empower me in hard times
by reminding me of friendship, achivements, humanity, … and the general good parts of the world.

How do you “store” your positive moments?

[1] which stands for Rapid Access Memory for me as a human being 😉
[2] very likely that I will come up with more stories for my life as they somehow match for me