Start with Why. Thoughts about Vision, Mission and Strategy…

Here it is: my first short #StayTheFHome article. Yesterday I needed a break from work behind the screen – so I went decluttering some old folders, stuff I wanted to do for a long time. Today I needed a break from remote work again – so I decided to write this article. Dance with what wants to emerge!

While decluttering I found some notes which I wrote when I was in transistion from full-time developer to full-time agile coach a couple of years ago.

Vision – Mission – Strategy

In fact I found these notes:

Start with why

Then, like two years ago, I learned about Simon Sinek’s Start with Why (see the short video and the original TED talk). Here’s a small scribble of his idea that I just made for this blogpost:

Just a better explanation?

The moment I found my old notes on vision / mission / strategy, I recalled how much I struggled back then in 2017 to distinguish for myself and to explain to my clients:

  • what is a vision for
  • what a mission
  • and what counts as strategy.

Now with the knowledge of Start with why in my brain’s backpocket it seems more than obvious, that there is a connection between those two:

What do you think?

Could it be THAT simple? What’s your take on this?

Take care,