Self-perception versus other people’s perception

An everyday story on setting the bar

Lately I was running in the cold, early morning. On my way back I noticed that my hairdresser had already opened their store.

Fact: Yes, I need to get my hair cut very soon.

Then some interesting conversation between different parts in my head started. For now I call them “me” and “brainy”.

me: yay, awesome, let’s quickly jump in and make an appointment soon

brainy: naaay, look at you! You’re sweating as hell.

me: Nah, I will just quickly make that appointment.

Brainy: Ah, no. You’re for sure really smelly.

me: <bit_annoyed_already> It is a QUICK chat about a date!

Brainy: But look at you! You’re wearing shooooorts! And you have unshaved legs.

me: Aaaaah. I go in NOW!

hairdresser: Good morning! <smiles_at_me>

me: Good morning. How lovely warm it is in here.
<Wanting_to_do_some smalltalk…and_it_really_is_cosy_in_there.>

hairdresser: <smiles_even_more_and_nodds> Do you want your hair just cut or do you like it washed before? (*)

me: Aaaah, noooo! Look at me, I need to get a shower first for sure. I just wanted to make the appointment….

hairdresser: Ah, fine. It’s your choice. I have free slots now or this afternoon.

me: <makes_appointment_for_afternoon>

me to brainy: Oh, boy! By setting such overly-high standards, you’re making my life harder than helpful! My hairdresser didn’t even notice and/or care about my “ugly, smelly, sweaty, unusual apprearance”.

End of story. What I learned about myself that morning: I still set my bar(s) too high sometimes. And sometimes it really is funny as soon as I notice that. That adds some lightness and ease to move on in the journey of life. 🙂

And what about you?

What are the bars that you are setting (one or two bits) too high?
Do you also have a story to share with my readers and me?

*) It depends on which type of cut I get if we do wash the hair before cutting or not.