Letting your practise change

It’s been more than a year ago when I used my first 6-Minutes diary (read about my experience back then here). Then I discovered BulletJournaling and practised this guided free-style journaling technique for almost a year.

For the darker, colder time 🍁🌨️🍂 of this unique pandemic year I recently decided to switch to a bit more ‘external structure’ in my #reflection practise: with another instance of the 6 minutes diary.

Today was my first weekly retro- & futurospective time over a cup of coffee in the morning. And I’m experiencing the power of a couple of given guiding questions on my own skin. 🧐😊💡👣

I truly love this experience, especially because I’m usually the one who is guiding other people and teams through such processes.

And you?

Do you change your reflective practise (on purpose)? And if (not) so, what did you learn? I’m curious to hear your story…