Blog break! – Blog restart?

As y’all might have noticed: I made a small, little blog break. And it (somehow) evolved into a bigger, longer one with each month that passed by.

Of course there are a lot of reasons.

Reasons like: working, building my own business (mainly focussing on Leadership Coaching first), writing for other publications (e.g. How Journaling puts Leadership in ACTion) and life in general.

The break

As time passed by, I had a lot of ideas for writing. Even wrote a couple of them down in my journal’s “collection of blog ideas”.

Yet I haven’t found the drive to really continue blogging here.

As time passed by, there were (and: ARE still!) a couple of constant readers here and I truly appreciate that! <3

A restart?

So I was wondering: what would YOU enjoy reading about here?
No matter if you’re a regular reader or someone who came here “by accident”.

Please share your thoughts, wishes and ideas in the comments (or by mail if you prefer that).

Looking forward to it!