Explorative running

On all the stuff running can do for you(r life)

Since a couple of weeks I am doing endurance running again. And I am doing it in quite a disciplined way. This endurance thingy helps with the black dog – who on the one hand wants me to believe by all means that he doesn’t like going outside… and at the same time he longs so much for the calmness, the routine of moving outdoors and the beauty of nature.

So I decided to aim for the marathon project again mainly to have a certain distance as a motivating goal. I code-named it project42 and it is expected to be delivered in autumn 2018.

On Sunday there was another long run day. And while enjoying the beautiful landscape, smiling inside, I remembered two people whom I recently exchanged on running for life.
One is a former coworker whom I barely had contact with when we were working at the same place a couple years ago. And now we met and exchanged about ‘our’ running, the different running ‘careers’ and why we (still) run.
The other one is a close friend of mine who faced a couple of serious life events two years ago. Their journey to a balanced fulfilled new life contained a lot of being outdoors, mainly running and hiking. Honestly, I was stunned how much those people’s views on running resonated with mine.

And so I am beginning an (incomplete) list of some of the things running can do:

  • explore own current physical borders
  • explore new mental terrain
  • run towards something or someone
  • run away from something or someone
  • run with someone (even they aren’t there physically, huh, sounds crazy?!)
  • explore a new area on the map (best-served when on travel or moved somewhere new)
  • explore an old well-known area with fresh children-like eyes
  • sort your thoughts
  • find new perspectives
  • strengthen your body
  • compete with your past self
  • … what else? …

And you?

What do YOU want to add to this list? Let me know in the comments; I am already curious… 🙂