10 reasons why you should _NOT_ start Bullet Journaling (IV)

Okay, I see… you are either (still) curious about Bullet Journaling or you are already on your journey of regular written (self-)reflection and find it useful. (Pssst, I tell you a secret: either way I am very happy about that! :))

With this fourth and closing part (see parts one, two, three) I share two more impacts of regular journaling which – from my experience – are essential for us as humans. Be it as individuals or as social beings, be it at work and in life in general.

Just in case that

  1. inviting (more) gratitude into your life and
  2. exercising your awareness “muscle”

sound dauting to you, now would be a good time to stop reading and head elsewhere. πŸ˜‰


Tweet from 22nd Nov 2019

You think life is hard and success only comes from toughness and hard work? Also you take everything for granted, do you? Eventually people are doing their jobs, they get compensated financially for it… so why should you be grateful or even SHARE that feeling with another human being??
I am pretty sure you’re getting the ironic gist. πŸ™‚

Fortunately a lot of folks already see and sense the advantages of giving and receiving wholehearted gratitude. And fortunately people see the need for gratitude so much that they even provide spaces at conferences to share actionable, everyday methods.

My colleague Armin and me enthusiastically travel around to inspire folks like you and me… we share how you can practise your gratitude β€œmuscle” for YOUR very own health and wellbeing… how you can use it also to the benefit of colleagues, friends, family and even (yet) unknown folks. And we also learn from participants like you.

Structured written reflection (a.k.a. journaling) always play an essential role in there. Curious to know more? Here’s more on our conference journey with Gratitude in Business.

Tweet from 7th Oct 2019

Also I am very happy to seeing other people practising gratitude and inspiring others with their journeys – like Anke and Kitty did last year with the Appreciation Challenge.

The idea behind the Appreciation Challenge was – for a certain time – to appreciate one fellow human being per day. Appreciate them for something where you’d “normally” did not speak up and appreciate in the past. Let them know! During the challenge, you also reflect on the impact it has for you (e.g. in a chat group with others, in your (bullet) journal or all of those).

For me personally, the Appreciation Challenge raised my awareness for what I truly can be grateful even more. It showed the abundance I live in daily. And it definitely added to my mental sanity in a sometimes ‘crazy looking’ world.

Practise mindfulness “on the go”

So you are not the person sitting and meditating every single day? Yet you wish for some more headspace, a wider view to see more options and sometimes an island to rest for a moment before diving again into everyday’s life? Welcome, you are in good company! πŸ™‚

Although I know at least one person who keeps their journal digitally (yet still using a digital pen to handwrite on a tablet) the process of using blank pages and a pen to handwrite – compared to using a keyboard – changes something essentially.

Ryder Carroll writes in his book:

… [bullet journaling] adds the friction that you need
to slow down,
step back
and consider the things you task yourself with…

From my own experience for over 9 months now, I can fully confirm that effect. And if you are a beginner, rest assured: that effect of stepping back intentionally on a daily basis, having more headspace and seeing more options set in quite soon:

Tweet from 20th June 2019
Tweet from 30th May 2019

One last thing – besides the intended friction of e.g. daily (rapid) logging and maintaining your collections – is that setting up e.g. your weekly or monthly logs manually can also be viewed like a kind of meditative practise.

By immersing yourself fully into setting up a new journal structure, by being “just” in the here and now with your pen and book…. you are right now supporting your (mental) health and your self in general. Isn’t that awesome?

Now what?

You liked what you read? I’d love to hear, which parts were especially valuable to you!

Also let me know what I can improve; I love to get feedback from you as a reader.

You are also writing a (Bullet) Journal? Share YOUR views why others should definitely start journaling as well. I am more than curious!