My application for Play4Agile 2017 unconference

On getting creative with a ‘playpplication’

The Agile Tribe is ‘calling’…

Ok, today is the day where I have to admit: I finally got fully infected with the agile community virus at Agile Coach Camp 2016 in Rückersbach. 🙂

Equipped with some additional energy I received this week from two wonderful ladies who I met at #accde16 (thank you, Isabel & Marianne) , I put my ‘Impostor Syndrome’-ish thinking [1] aside. No, I am no longer listening to the voices that would tell me “no, you aren’t creative” or “you have no (games|ideas|whatever) to offer” or stuff like that you might also know from your own inner dialogues?

My #playpplication for Play4Agile…

So here it is: my personal Sketchnote & Storycube influenced #playpplication for Play4Agile 2017:

… and one outtake

For honesty (and fun), I have to provide you also one “outtake” of this hand-drawn #p4a17 application strip:

[1] If you like more information on that, have a look here and watch this talk… and follow Gitte who talks so refreshingly open on Impostor Syndrome and many more topics that really matter… and that very few people dare to talk about.