OOP2017 – Details matter

My personal (short) review

Being at OOP 2017 in Munich was a great experience – not just because I had the chance to speak there and share my thoughts on softskills for tech people with my session on ‘interhuman debugging’ (in German). Of course, speaking at OOP was a great experience on its own. Being “just” my 3rd public speaking engagement, the positive feedback was overwhelming for me & I also loved the direct constructive feedback I got from a number of attendees as well as from a couple of more experienced speaker colleagues on how I can further improve my talks.

Feedback is so utterly important and so I’d like to point out the OOP nightschool workshop on this ‘hidden champion’ delivered by Martin Heider & Christine Neidhardt. Have a look at their slides or at my sketchnotes to get a glimpse what this workshop was about.

Talks, nightschools & workshops I attended to

While attending the talks & workshops as well as during discussing with other attendants afterwards, I learned a lot and gathered new insights. So here are most of the sessions I’ve been to, links to slides as well as other publicly available material and my (sketch)notes. This list basically serves me as a kind of “notepad” – and maybe you can also benefit from it. As there were German and English sessions this is mixed-language now. Anyway I wanted to share as much on international level as I could. 🙂






  • Workshop: Vom Scrum Master zum Agile Coach


I learned a lot & had plenty of valuable conversations with friends and new people.