New challenges ahead

From developer to Scrum Master – from tech-focus to people-focus

When writing about my personal retro of 2016 and the three big goals I have for 2017, I just was able to write about two of them at that time. The third one in that (unordered) goal triple is: stepping out of my comfort zone & doing great in my new job.

On 1st of March I started my first professional gig where I do not develop software. Instead I will support people in developing awesome software by being a team’s Scrum Master. After the first days I can still say: I am so much looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities.

I also already got in solid touch with one of my personal ‘improvement areas’: patience!
The funny thing is that I experienced it already while commuting from and to work. It currently takes me around 75min one way for me… . Mornings can look like these:

I tried some reframing and applied tools I know from Positive Psychology – so came up with this:

  • using the ferry includes seeing the lake twice. On every. single. day. Did not do that the last 10 years working here at the lake.
  • the whole way provides me with time to pre-think, re-think & digest the working hours
  • it also gives me time and space to come up with new ideas
  • I have the opportunity to do sports on my way to work – cycling and/or running are already two options
  • I even may use the time on the ferry for mindful exercises
  • I can listen to podcasts 🙂

So in my mind I now have the choice to see&feel my work way always like this: