Public Speaking

“Cosima has a very unique stage-presence. Calm and at the same time very powerful.”

[feedback after a “Mindful Leadership” session, 2019]

Hi, my name is Cosima Laube, public speaking is one of my passions. My talks help to build bridges between tech, organization and people, they inspire and they motivate. Besides that, I am a Coach for People, Teams and Organizations and also work as a Trainer & Facilitator (with agile-living).

“I really loved this talk – it was a highlight for me during the conference. I thought Cosima was very brave to not only talk about her colleague’s story but also her own. It was really inspiring. […] It’s a really important topic that affects our mental health and everyone should listen to this talk. Thank you Cosima.”

[feedback on “Gratitude & Positive Psychology in business”, 2019]

Book me for an inspirational talk, an interactive workshop, a PechaKucha, lightning talk or a keynote at your event or in your company.

My focus areas:

  1. Mindful Leadership (and leadership topics in general)
  2. Gratitude & Positive Psychology in business
  3. Professional / catalytic skills (a.k.a. “soft skills”) for people in IT and engineering

“Thank you. You taught ‘leading and managing’ without mentioning the term “management”. Mindful leadership – that’s the next big thing!”

[feedback on one of my Mindful Leadership talks, 2018]

Some of my Talks & Engagements (until 2019):

  1. Multiple Selves?! Growing leaders applied. – Video recording (from AT London)
    • 2019: OOP ‘software meets business’ (DE), Agile Testing Days Berlin (DE)
    • 2018: OOP ‘software meets business’ (DE) , Craft Conf (HU), Agile Austria (AT), Lean, Agile, Scrum Zurich (CH), Agile Tour London (UK), The Architecture Gathering “TAG” (DE)
  2. Gratitude in business – more than “just” appreciation
  3. Into the Jungle and Back! A tale about Leadership in IT…
    • 2019: Software Architecture Meetup Nueremberg (DE), JavaLand (DE)
    • 2018: several Meetups
  4. Courage, Curiosity, Connection (Pecha Kucha)
    • 2019: German Testing Days (DE), OOP ‘software meets business’ (DE) – recording
  5. Sketchnotes for engineers (60-120 min workshop)
    • upcoming: JavaLand 2020 (DE, 03/2020)
    • 2019: Herbstcampus (DE), The Architecture Gathering “TAG” (DE)


“I found it so brave to share your story! I really like your style and I found your ideas so valueable! I am thinking about it since I heard the talk, more gratitude is so important for all aspects of life, not just business”

[ feedback on “Gratitude & Positive Psychology in business”, 2019]

You want to know more?

Have a look at my website for more details, drop me a line (speaking AT with your ideas and wishes or call me via skype (ID: elgazebo).

We will then clarify together details like e.g. tailoring the topic to your context, your people and your needs, agree on a compensation, etc.