Mindfulness in Action

What mindfulness is all about

It is the year 2021. Ten years ago my partner-in-crimeLIFE Andreas introduced me to mindfulness. More precisely he shared what he learned about Wu Wei with me.

Wu Wei briefly is about “not-acting… and yet nothing remains undone”. (*)

It took me several MBSR courses, struggling with formal practise, getting in touch with informal practises, studying about mindfulness at university, writing my thesis on mindfulness & leadership… and a lot of so-called “ups” and “downs” in life.

Being in motion

It took me more than ten years.

Today I went for a run.

Or a walk.

In fact it was both: First running, because I wanted to – after a long homeoffice’s day. Later walking, because my menstruational cramps got stronger… and my body felt like the distance was too much today.

Soon I was okay with myself to go slower today. Five years ago I would’ve pushed myself. Running is such an informal practise I meanwhile cultivated for years. Ok, I once lost it to depression a couple of years ago. But I gained it back – slowly, steadily. This is another story to potentially be writter later.

“You need to experience it.”

Today on this running & walking tour I felt “a thing” for the first time. “A thing” Andreas talked often about.

I could not “grasp” it.

I could not understand it – cognitively.

Andreas told me so.

He said: you need to feel it. You need to be open. You need to practise.
Then you MIGHT feel that (potentially “only” tiny) moment of ease, peace, connectedness.

That moment WHILE at the same time being fully you, fully present, feeling all the emotions & sensations in your body. That moment WITH all of this… while NOT being attached to all of this.

Sounds weird?! Intangible?! I know.

Being open without being attached.

Practising. Practising regularly… WITHOUT the intention to “finally feel this”.

That is it what mindfulness is about.

Whatever happens…

That is what Andreas tried to share with me.
He did. With words.
The experience, MY experience, came today.

My first experience – of that tiny little moment.
I am in full trust that it wasn’t my last one.

And I won’t aim for it.

I will let it come… and let it be.
It will be okay.
Because: whatever needs to happen will happen.

I am truly grateful for that seed Andreas (who died in 2012) gifted me – and I know, somewhere, somehow his ‘soul’ (or something else) took notice today.

And I am truly grateful for that experience on my path of learning and practising mindfulness. Being already more than 10 years on that journey it supports me to be a somehow ‘better’ coach, leader, partner, friend and human being.

Take care dear reader.
As always I’d be happy to hear your thoughts & experiences with mindfulness,


(*) Sidenote: today I e.g. know, that it is also pretty related to Open Space in a sense of “whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened” – and whatever needs to happen will happen.